Oregon Coast

Travelers can easily meander their way along the vivacious Pacific on Highway 101, one of the first National Scenic Byways. The 363 miles (560 km) of spectacular Oregon coastline are dotted with historic lighthouses, cozy beach towns, and breathtaking ocean panoramas.

Oregon Coast Visitors Association
Eugene, Cascades & Coast – Travel Lane County


  • See a rainbow of color when the yellow alder leaves, the orange of the maples and the reds of the dogwoods decorate Highway 126, connecting Eugene to the Pacific Coast.
  • The Sunset and Wilson River Highways (Highways 26, 6, and 101) offer a leisurely day’s loop drive from Portland to the northern beaches and back through the rolling Coast Range, resplendent in fall golds, reds and greens.

Scenic Byways:

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  7. Hi Sandra – We’re anticipating peak for Fall season to hit around mid October this year, so anytime in the latter half of October to early November should bring some nice Fall colors during your visit. Anywhere in particular you’re heading? Happy to help with ideas if you’d like! Just call our Hotline when you’re ready: 800.547.5445

  8. We would like to travel up and down the coast and have a dog in october. would you recommend reservations.

  9. Hi Sandra, Sounds like a beautiful trip! We would recommend making a few reservations as you go along the coastline let us know if you have a specific area in mind and we’re happy to make a few recommendations for where to see color!

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