Eastern Oregon

This vast region unfolds natural wonders from snow-capped peaks overlooking rolling hills to complex desert lands and wild rivers. Albeit lacking foliage, the Painted Hills and John Day Fossil Beds ignite in their own exquisite tones of red and yellow beneath the fall setting sun. From the lush Wallowa Mountains and the deepest river gorge in North America, Hells Canyon, to the colossal Steens Mountains, the extreme diversity of this region is not to be missed.

Eastern Oregon Visitors Association


  • The Wallowa Mountains (Highway 82) reach through two river valleys leading north and east from La Grande in high ranch country, remote northeastern Oregon. Wallowa Lake is at the foot of these mountains, whose lofty splendor is often compared to the Swiss Alps.
  • To view Fall foliage in Baker County especially in the foothills of the Wallowas and Elkhorn mountains, take a scenic roadtrip along either the Elkhorn or Hells Canyon  Scenic Byways.  For those looking for a more urban leaf peeping experience, Baker City’s tree lined historic neighborhoods are picture perfect and a stroll along the Powder River following the Leo Adler Memorial Pathway is always a great nature outing as well. A favorite stop during peak foliage is the Dick Camp Memorial Park in Haines.  The park is a beautiful photo opportunity with numerous historic cabins and mining exhibits nestled amongst the changing foliage.

Scenic Byways:

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