An Oregon Fall is Near!

Fall is starting to show up! It hasn’t quite come to full swing, but there are notes of colorful leaves popping up through the regions. Although we aren’t in peak season yet, there are still plenty of things to see and do. We included a few of our favorite harvest festivals, markets, and other celebrations to check out as Fall is heading our way.

Willamette Valley

Depending on where you are, fall colors have made their appearance or are in the process of starting to show. The Willamette Valley isn’t in peak season yet, but there are some great events popping up!


Color popping in Coburg just north of Eugene and Springfield – by Tiffany Ottem

Public House in Springfield is having its Grand Opening and Oktoberfest Celebration on the 21st, the Lane County Master Gardener Fall Festival is happening on the 22nd at Emerald Park, and Salem is having a Harvest Lunch at Bjornson Vineyard,

If you want to see some fall colors on the McKenzie River check out Fall Color Scenic Jet Boat tours.

Greater Portland

Looks like Portland is getting into fall and will have beautiful weather all week, so it might be the perfect time to head over to Portland for the fall foliage and see for yourself. Looks like Saturday you might need an umbrella, but the rest of the week will be beautiful and might even get into the 80’s! So, if you plan on making Portland your stop, here are some events you might want to add to your to-do list.

Mt. Hood/Columbia River Gorge

Some color is starting to show up around Mt. Hood, but the vibrant colors haven’t quite reached the top of the mountain yet. Sounds like lower elevations are starting to see more color this week.

There are some great things to still do and see in this region right now! Check out the 8th Annual Confederated Tribal Celebration Mt. Hood Ski bowl on Sep 22, 2018, and the Hood River Hops Fest.

Central Oregon

A hint of Fall is starting to show in Bend, with nighttime temps cooling off the foliage should be turning quickly.  While we wait for peak there is plenty to do in central Oregon this weekend. Check out the Oktoberfest at McMenamins in Bend and visit their Fall Foliage tours on the Tumalo Creek by kayak or canoe.


Fall color popping in Bend from Lisa Sidor

Eastern Oregon

Sounds like Eastern Oregon is starting to show off some fall shades in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forrest. Some beautiful yellows and oranges have started to turn and accompany the lush green forest. Check out the Steens Mountains and Eagle Cap Wilderness for some possible fall foliage spots and even if the leaves haven’t turned, the views are well worth the adventure.

Southern Oregon

Looks like the leaves are just beginning to change in this region. The area has a mixture of green, orange, yellow, and dark red showing up. It’s slowly but surely getting to be fall! Some areas to check out when you head to Southern Oregon for fall foliage are Table Rock, Roxy Ann Loop Trail, or Jacksonville. Here are a few weekend events to explore while you’re there:


That’s it for this week! We’ll see you next Friday with all of the leaf tips we’ve collected so far. Happy leaf-hunting!

fall in the vineyard

Fall hitting Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery Near Eugene


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