See Fall Foliage Through Oregon

Many areas are peaking currently with a few that are just past peak and some still just budding. Check out the most recent reports below: 

(note: information based on responses from our leaf reporters by 10/20/2016)

Southern Oregon:

  • Klamath Falls is peaking! Look for the full range of yellow, orange, red and green in this city.
  • Running Y Ranch resort is a hotspot for fall color right now, a great spot for a family stay and family photos this week.
  • Activities include the Pumpkin Express in Chiloquin – a cool mini train that anyone can take through the hills!

Full range of color popping at the Running Y Ranch near Klamath Falls 

Central Oregon:

  • Bend and Central Oregon are seeing glowing Aspens and spots of Fall color that held on through the stormy weather. Some other color remains through the high winds that hammered the area last week.
  • This weekend has a sunny forecast so it’s a great time to explore pumpkin patches, haunted houses, live music and more. Find more on Visit Bend’s calendar here


Bend’s Aspens are popping from Visit Bend

Willamette Valley:

  • Downtown Eugene and through Springfield has some incredible color popping through the city streets. Check out Register Guard Visual Journalist Brian Davies’ incredible recent images in the links above to each city!
  • Fall shades are popping through the East Willamette Valley in the Cascades through spots like Proxy Falls
  • The Aufderheide is looking beautiful with vine maples popping along the byway

Orange and Red hues pop through the lush Willamette Valley forest near Proxy Falls from Darlene Ashley

Colombia River Gorge:

  • Sounds like color is still on the horizon near areas of the Gorge with some areas popping currently.
  • Check out key hikes and stops like Multnomah Falls, Angel’s Rest and Triple Falls hike.

Eastern Oregon:

  • Fall foliage is still looking great through areas like Baker City even through the stormy last week!

Baker County’s Courthouse popping with color from Instagrammer Basecampbaker_com


2 thoughts on “See Fall Foliage Through Oregon

  1. I love these posts! Do you know of any DVDs available to purchase with some of these wonderful fall colors?

  2. Hi Sharon – thanks! We’re so glad you’re a fan. We don’t have any DVD’s for purchase but if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, or search on Twitter or Instagram on the hashtag #ORFallFoliage, you’ll see some great shots!

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