Last Swims of Summer

Cooler temps are bringing fall weather in quickly! Our fall specialist Gabrielle Lent hits a few and plan your fall adventures in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region here.

Temperatures are cooling down and the comfort of familiar grey is returning to the Willamette Valley sky. Fall is being ushered in as leaves start their morph from green to yellow. Halfway through transition, maples look like Oregon Duck fans, donning their new attire right on time. The 2016 Football Season kicks off this Saturday with a home game vs. the UC Davis Aggies.

University of Oregon (Autzen, Fall), Eugene, by Paul Currier - November 2011.jpg

Autzen in fall colors of 2011 from Paul Currier

As fans hop in cars and migrate toward Autzen Stadium, they’ll notice that the trees along the Leo Harris Parkway are beginning to adopt fresh tinges of yellow and orange.

A stroll down the Ruth Bascom River Path reveals the same. September has come and autumn’s door is slowly opening.

Savor these last days of summer with a refreshing dip in a nearby body of water. The road to Triangle Lake (Highway 36) is flanked with trees eagerly poised to change.

Closer to Eugene, foliage at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum seems to harness the golden glow of 8 p.m. sunsets and crisp leaves have begun to pile on the ground. Veering off of Seavey Loop and at the end of Frank Parrish Road, one can follow a dirt footpath down to the river where water maintains an inviting warmth. Sitting on the rocky shore, a balance is achieved between feelings of an endless summer and a fall that’s just around the corner.

Fall Mount Pisgah.jpg

Mount Pisgah in the Fall from Gabrielle Lent

Celebrate the onslaught of harvest season at Agrarian Ales, where public attendance is requested for the annual Hop Harvest Festival. Don’t forget, it’s also Labor Day Weekend!

Many local area vineyards will open their doors, letting out the sound of live music and sharing their bounty of wines. Take note of transitioning vines while relaxing on holiday.

Though it may be time to trade in our flip flops for sturdy boots and throw a sweater on over that tank top, summer is still here, but fall, we feel you coming. Enjoy the end of one great season as together we welcome the next.


Agrarian Ales Harvesting Hops by Katie McGuigan



2 thoughts on “Last Swims of Summer

  1. I’m a bit frustrated – my searching indicates this is the best site for information about Oregon Fall foliage, but I cannot find anything specific for central Oregon projections. Can you recommend a different site?

  2. Hi Joy – sorry for the frustration! We’re just about to start our weekly callouts out to the regions of Oregon to start reporting on color change and where to see it. We have gotten some excellent tips early on this year from leaf peeper and photographer Darlene Ashley around central Oregon spots to visit:
    – Proxy Falls Trail (in the McKenzie River area)
    – Shevlin Park in Bend for Aspens and Larch/Tamarac
    – Smith Rock for Aspens and fall ground cover
    – Benham Falls
    – Deschutes Land Trust’s Camp Polk Meadow Preserve
    – Dillon Falls Trail

    Keep an eye on our blog here as we start callouts for reporting starting next week!

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