Fall in Oregon’s Eugene, Cascades and Coast Region – Continuously Enchanting


Some Fall leaves cover Eugene’s Downtown Sidewalks from Instagrammer stevisayler

A cold crisp is biting in the wind, nipping at noses and fingertips, flushing them with red. Days are shorter as the sun now retires in early evening and dark creeps into the atmosphere as it tucks in for the night. There are days when bright yellow rays gorgeously illuminate the vivid fall color that still line streets and natural areas. Set against the purple haze of gray mornings and icy blue afternoon skies, the majesty of autumn remains strong in Eugene, Cascades and Coast.

Some great examples of this lasting vibrancy are the sidewalks that border the Leo Harris Memorial Parkway. Ducks fans take note as you pull up for the home game this weekend! Those fiery avenues are on our side.


The route to Trestle and Brice Creek Falls from the Turell Group

It’s time to choose a direction, set out and explore. Take a trip to Cottage Grove and amble down Brice Creek Road. Three waterfalls wait on this rustic, wooded drive, including Wildwood Falls, Brice Creek Falls, and lastly, the magnificent Trestle Falls. Each falls provides a short and pleasant hike to its visitor, asking for only a bit of physical exertion before the payoff of a view.

Make a day of it, bring your Eugene Ale Trail passport and stop off at Hard Knocks Brewing Company, situated closely to Bohemia Park. Also in the area is Saginaw Vineyard where the yellow leaves of grapevines flood the landscape and live music can be heard every Friday night. Relax in this fall scene with a glass of wine and an acoustic variety show.


Sweet Creek Falls in Fall from James Parsons and Extreme Oregon

Head southeast on Highway 58 to reach Salt Creek and Diamond Falls. These wild, rushing fa
lls are surrounded by a mossy rock face, evergreen trees and the gentle skeletons of vine maples changed for the season.

Bring your Northwest Forest pass and take the three mile loop hike which allows sight of both water features.

Salt Creek Falls can be clearly viewed from a standpoint in the parking lot, so less adventurous folks can peak their curiosity with very little effort. A trip to these falls allows another great opportunity to earn a Eugene Ale Trail stamp, as Brewer’s Union Local 180 is located just off the main road.


Find Autumn scenes like this around Eugene and Veneta – by Instagrammer eyegoo

In the small, rural town of Lorane the humble flow of Siuslaw Falls invites you to gaze upon it.

Enjoy the winding drive through Veneta and turn down the winery-lined Territorial Highway before reaching this dainty but fierce little falls.

Have an autumn photo shoot, bring your fishing pole and bask in the quiet glory of the falls as it cascades in wide, elegant stair-steps across the creek.

Storms are coming, and the graceful well-design of the fall season will soon be memories that have come to pass. Take time to reflect on the beautiful places in which you’ve touched down and have been touched by.

Whether you contributed to the season by participating in a hops harvest, gathered apples for cider, perused a pumpkin patch or simply got out and did something, recognize the ways in which a changed scene, the inevitable transformation of life, has in some way played a part in making your days more beautiful. Oregon foliage continues to be enchanting. Find your place in the forest.


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