Oregon Fall Foliage Weekly Update 11/16/2013

Eugene by benjaminbarnes via Instagram

Eugene by benjaminbarnes via Instagram

Eugene, Cascades & Coast
The leaves continue to falter in Eugene with only a few left hanging onto their trees and the rest fluttering to the ground. Even with the season coming to an end, this region provides many opportunities to stay outside and experience nature.

Mount Pisgah in Eugene is a wonderful place to explore year round and November is no exception to that. Even though most of the leaves have fallen, there still remain some vibrant reds and deep yellows holding on, and can be seen scattered across the mountain. Explore new areas of Mount Pisgah by attending the Water Garden Ecology Walk and discover the birds, insects, fungi, and flora that make the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Water Garden their home during this time of year today, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Oregon Coast
Bright autumn colors are still hanging on to the trees within small pockets on the coast. Florence has golden yellows throughout Historic Old Town that line the boutique stores. Although, with colder weather and rain coming in, the leaves are expected to shed quickly. Down south in Coos Bay, almost all of the leaves have fallen. However, Coos Bay is still beautiful this time of year and there are still many upcoming events to check out, including the Shipwreck! Exhibit at the Coos Historical and Maritime Center. This educational exhibit shows remaining artifacts and evidence of shipwrecks that have happened along the Oregon Coast.

Willamette Valley
Not much is left, but there is still a bit of color to admire in the Willamette Valley. Throughout Polk County there remain few leaves that still hang from the trees, but for the moment there are bundles of golden oranges and reds that are scattered across the ground. Throughout the rest of the Willamette Valley there remain only a few spots left to find great autumn color, but regardless, the valley still remains a great place to do some sightseeing.

Oregon State Capital by sydsaf via Instagram

Oregon State Capital by sydsaf via Instagram

To see the last remaining splashes of color in the Willamette Valley, head north of Salem to either Champoeg State Heritage Park or Willamette Mission State Park. Both sites provide excellent photography opportunities, as they are located along the Willamette River, and include extensive trail systems through the parks. These parks are among some of the most beautiful and historical sites in the Willamette Valley.

OHSU by madeleine_robertson via Instagram

OHSU by madeleine_robertson via Instagram

Greater Portland
The autumn colors continue to fade with the sporadic showers and cooler weather throughout the Portland area.  Even with some trees bare, you can still admire the ones that are still holding onto their foliage, showing predominantly dark oranges and yellows.

If you are in Portland, make sure to visit Forest Park. It’s hard to believe that such a rugged place exists right in the middle of the city (just minutes from downtown), with over 70 miles of trails spanning across 5,100 acres. While most of the forest within the park is green year-round, some trees still show pockets of colors, and you’ll find it scattered across the ground along the Wildwood Trail.

Mt. Hood/The Gorge
The leaves surrounding Mt. Hood have all fallen, and the sight of bare trees can only signal that winter is indeed here. For skiers and snowboarders alike, there is a lot to be excited for following this weekend’s weather report. Over a foot of snow is expected accompanied with blizzard high winds, so be sure to drive safely if you are planning to travel through the area. As each week (and snowstorm) goes by, it only puts us one step closer to hitting the slopes on this premier mountain in Oregon.

Central Oregon
While fall foliage in Central Oregon is unofficially over, there still remains plenty of incredible scenery to take in throughout the region. If you find yourself in Bend, be sure to stop by the Old Mill District located south of downtown. This area offers a diverse mixture of art galleries, shops, and restaurants, all developed at the historical site of the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company that use to be one of the largest mill operations in the world.

Once you’ve explored the different shops and stores, spend the rest of your evening walking along the Deschutes River Trail. It extends for miles along the Deschutes River, and offers breathtaking views with nearly uninterrupted access to the waterway.

Eastern Oregon
They fall foliage may be done in Eastern Oregon, but there are still many events happening in the area that are worth going to see. Head to La Grande in Union County and start your Christmas Shopping early at the 3rd annual Handmade Holiday Bazaar located at the Art Center today and Sunday. Browse from over 20 artisan vendors to find unique gifts for everyone on your list.

Southern Oregon by becky97520 via Instagram

Southern Oregon by becky97520 via Instagram

Southern Oregon
Golden orange and vibrant red leaves are still hanging on in the Umpqua Valley, though not for much longer. Leaves have quickly begun to fade, as the rainy season moves in and the temperature continues to drop. Throughout the rest of Southern Oregon, leaves have been showering the ground in a blizzard of orange and yellow. Enjoy the autumn colors that remain before it is too late!

Spend this weekend taking in some of the delicious wine from 2Hawk Winery in Medford, while enjoying some tunes from local musicians at their new tasting room on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 6 p.m. This up-and-coming winery located at the edge of town features spectacular views of the Rogue Valley from their tasting room, which is built almost entirely out of reclaimed lumber from all over the country.


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