Oregon Fall Foliage Update 10/26/2013

Eugene from Skinner Butte Park by chrisliedle via Instagram

Eugene from Skinner Butte Park by chrisliedle via Instagram

Eugene, Cascades & Coast
What a delight to be in Eugene this last week! A rainbow of colors were lining the Willamette River as well as covering the town, but the peak passed they are starting to fade. But, you won’t have to look far to find some amazing foliage.

Take Highway 58 southeast of Eugene to Oakridge, and join Eugene Cascades & Coast for the launch of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour – Oakridge/Westfir Edition today.  Use your GPS or smartphone to guide you to spectacular fall colors in the most scenic and hidden gems of the Central Cascades.Oregon Coast
The rocky coastal shores, along with lush green ridges, line the western border of Oregon and provide impressive views at every waypoint. Scattered throughout the coast are pockets of fall color with deep oranges and even some dark plum purples.

Take a trip from Florence to Newport on Highway 101, Oregon’s Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. Make sure to stop at wonders on the coast like Cape Perpetua and Heceta Head Lighthouse. While abundant in Douglas Firs, the shrubs that contour the jagged ridges of the coast have blazing orange and golden yellow hues.

Willamette Valley
The Willamette Valley once again proves to be a cornucopia of colors. Trees are a few days away from their peak in Benton County. The area is filled with vivid oranges and brilliant reds. Polk County is expecting its peak soon also, featuring golden yellows and oranges.

Pair Mother Nature’s pallet with local art by joining the Philomath Open Studios Art Tour in Corvallis this weekend. Meet the artists as you studio hop, viewing the great fall colors along the way.

Mt. Hood by sunnybonez via Instagram

Mt. Hood by sunnybonez via Instagram

Greater Portland
Downtown Portland streets are lined with streaks of gold and deep orange. The last specks of green are clinging to the trees as the last reminder of summertime.  Observe the awe-inspiring fall foliage by trekking just two miles outside downtown to the West Hills of Portland where you can find the radiant trails of the Hoyt Arboretum.

Follow the Hawthorne Trail to see the sourwoods turning scarlet, maroon, and plum. Try the Wildwood Trail to see red and orange Franklinias with hints of pink. Go within the next week to see snow white wildflowers that are beginning to bloom.

Mt Hood/ The Gorge
The steady flows of the Columbia River winding along the northernmost border of Oregon, are accompanied by vivid splashes of orange and yellow through the autumn scenery. Take the Historic Columbia Highway to experience the most magnificent views at the Vista House atop Crown Point. This Multnomah County gem provides the perfect vantage point for views along the Columbia River.

The colors surrounding Mt Hood have begun their descent from their peak and are beginning to fade, but you can still find bundles of orange and yellow clinging to the trees. Take a ride on the Mt. Hood Railroad around the base of the mountain to experience the beautiful scenic views while color remains in this area.

Geiser Pollman Park in Baker City by Base Camp Baker

Geiser Pollman Park in Baker City by Base Camp Baker

Central Oregon
The peak has passed Bend and the leaves are falling as well as fading but there is still some color that remains. Throughout the town you can find oranges and yellows lingering on the dwindling trees. For more seasonal color, head west on Highway 20 for a scenic drive through columns of golden aspens that line the highway along with orange shrubbery that bind to the bases of the trees.

Go on the essential, but easy, hike to the Head of the Metolius. The view point is at the headwaters of the Metolius River where you can see water as it gushes from the base of Black Butte. Make sure to check out the spectacular view of Mt. Jefferson for pockets of color along the riverbank.

Eastern Oregon
Fall foliage has peaked in Baker City as well with the rest of the county. In the city the streets are full of magnificent color, with bright yellows and deep reds alongside blends of orange. Umatilla County, just north of Baker, has also hit its peak. The region is mostly yellow and gold with hints of red scattered throughout.

Take a drive along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway to experience amber and rusty colors of the season in the shrubbery and trees. It is exciting to look into the canyon with aspens turning a gold yellow on the rim and along the sides.

Medford by aryface via Instagram

Medford by aryface via Instagram

Southern Oregon
Trees throughout the Umpqua Valley have hit their peak. Even with the cool fog filled-morning, the sun has broken through and sunny days have provided this region with ample amounts of sunshine to enjoy the vibrant reds, golden, yellows, and burnt oranges. The Rogue Valley has seen similar fortune with fall colors blanketing the rolling hills and mountains with hues of orange and deep hints of burgundy.

Take advantage of the weather and hike Lower Table Rock. The trail takes you through tranquil woods full of black oaks with rich orange and yellow leaves. It then leads you up a tall cliff to view the valley permeated with breathtaking fall colors.


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