Oregon Fall Foliage Weekly Update 9/14/2013

Eugene Cascades & Coast
Fall colors just beginning in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. Big leaf and vine maple are starting to turn and a few leaves are falling along the McKenzie River. The warm weather and clear skies make this the perfect time to drive the Old McKenzie Highway, Hwy 242, a scenic 38 mile (61.16 km) route with great views of lava flows and cinder cones, as well as, the Three Sisters and Mt. Washington mountain ranges.

Hints of fall foliage at Tokatee Golf Club along the McKenzie River

Hints of fall foliage at Tokatee Golf Club along the McKenzie River

Along Highway 58, hike the Diamond Creek Falls Trail to scout early signs of fall foliage.  Read more about this 2.5 mile (4 km) loop that features three waterfalls.

Get into the fall spirit at Veneta Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

Oregon Coast
In addition to the yellows and oranges that were spotted last week in Coos Bay, there are now some deep reds joining the mix. It is scattered in the area, but some of the trees are half way through color change.

While in the area, stop by the 10th Annual Mill Luck Salmon Celebration. Enjoy the art, food, and other schedule entertainment.

Early fall colors at Silver Falls State Park near Salem by mrssteph06 via Instagram

Early fall colors at Silver Falls State Park near Salem by mrssteph06 via Instagram

Willamette Valley
Not much has changed along the Clackamas River, but spots around the Willamette River are starting to see some hints of gold foliage. If you are in the Salem area, make sure to stop by Minto-Brown Island Park. The park is almost 900 acres with plenty of paths for running, cycling, and fall sightseeing.

Greater Portland
Change throughout Portland is still very minor, but you can find some hints of yellow and orange in places like Washington Park. Expect to see some real fall colors towards the end of September. If you are looking for something to do in the area you should stop by the Oregon Renaissance Festival in Hillsboro. Immerse yourself in a scene straight out of the 16th century.

Mt. Hood/The Gorge
The Mt. Hood/Gorge area is still waiting for colors to start changing. If the heat continues, expect change to come in the next few weeks.

Central Oregon
Color is just beginning to show in Central Oregon. A few maples and aspens are exhibiting some initial color changes with a small portion of their leaves transitioning from shades of green to varying hues of orange and red.

Early fall colors at Portland's Washington Park by Oregonbliss via Instagram

Early fall colors at Portland’s Washington Park by Oregonbliss via Instagram

While the change is just beginning for the trees, scattered all around town the wildflowers are blooming, especially in Bend’s Old Mill District. One of the best places to see early signs of fall is in the historic neighborhood around downtown Bend.

If you are planning on hiking to see some fall foliage, the Sisters, as well as any higher elevations, would be ideal.

Eastern Oregon
The leaves are starting to turn in the La Grande area. While there are no solid yellows or reds, it shouldn’t be much longer until you can see some of the great fall colors that everyone loves in this part of Oregon.

This weekend is the Great Circle Music Festival, which features three days of song and dance, great local food and beer, morning yoga, history and lore of the sacred land.

Southern Oregon
There are some hints of yellow coming out along the Rogue River. Make your way over to Shady Cove to experience the fall foliage and check out the 9th Annual River Art Walk Saturday, September 14, 2013. The park along the river offers great paths with plenty of trees to see the start of fall color.


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