Harvest is here at Oregon’s wineries!

It’s harvest time in Oregon wine country! Fall is a great time to head out to one of our state’s more than 300 wineries and 700+ vineyards.Sip your Pinot as you watch the vineyards come alive with winemakers and grape pickers working around the clock to get the grapes off the vines.

Many winemakers are picking their grapes this week, hoping to beat the forecasted rain. Pinot noir and gris are the first to come off the vines, followed by the Riesling and other sweeter varietals.

Riesling sign at Sarver Winery

The Pinot noir is ready to pick at LaVelle Vineyards.

Harvest is just beginning at LaVelle Vineyards near Eugene. Owner & winemaker, Matt LaVelle, says this could be the best growing season in nearly 20 years, thanks to the warm, dry fall.

Territorial Vineyards winemaker Alan Mitchell agrees, adding most of these grapes haven’t seen rain since they were the size of BB’s, which means his three vineyards saw zero rot.

Mojo rules the roost at Territorials largest vineyard off Ferguson Road.

LaVelle’s team picked these grapes last weekend. They’re already on their way to becoming one of the first batches of 2012 Pinot noir.

Crushing Pinot noir grapes at LaVelle

Farther south, Sarver Winery’s porch is the perfect lookout to see harvest. Sip their esteemed 2009 Estate Pinot noir as you watch winery workers pick grapes.

Lady bug crawls on freshly picked Pinot at Sarver Winery

Many wineries provide tours of their vineyards. LaVelle loads curious wine lovers into what they call the “Coupe LaVelle”.

The Coupe LaVelle takes wine lovers on tours of LaVelle Winery.

The tour includes a stop at their patio that overlooks the entire vineyard.

Porch overlooking LaVelle’s vineyard

The red madrone tree is a beautiful contrast to the green vines. Reservations are required for the Coupe LaVelle tours. Click here to find out more.

There is no wrong place or way to enjoy Oregon wines. From Yamhill County to Southern Oregon, quaint tasting rooms to towering estates, there is a style and bottle for everyone, and there’s no better time than now to see how it all comes together.


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