Meteorologist Update: KMTR’s Joseph Calbreath weighs in on the weather and fall foliage

All season long, we’ve been featuring guest blog posts from Oregon meteorologists. This week, KMTR Newsource 16’s Joseph Calbreath weighs in on how the recent sunshine is impacting this year’s fall colors.

“The trees have been slow to start changing color this so far this year, but that is about to change. The dry conditions have stressed the trees, but the warm clear days have helped them keep their green color.

The last week and a half we have had cold morning with temperatures closer to freezing. This is one of the triggers that will tell the trees that it is time to get ready for winter. The cold weather causes the capillaries in the roots to close up. That restricts the water and nutrients going up to the leaves. This is one the signals that tells the tree to stop making chlorophyll makes the leaves green.  Once this process starts the other colors start to come through as the leaves die and fall off the tree as it shuts down for the winter.

Click here more scientific explanation.

Most of the deciduous trees in our area are where the water is. So you can always count of some color along any of our rivers and streams. That doesn’t mean you have to travel a long ways. Some of the nicest colors can be found along the river bike paths right in the Eugene-Springfield area. D Street in Springfield along the river heading into Alton Baker Park has some pretty colors already. Another pretty bike ride is the bike path from Cottage Grove up to Dorena Lake along the Row River.”

Catch Joseph Calbreath and his forecasts weekdays on KMTR Newsource 16.


3 thoughts on “Meteorologist Update: KMTR’s Joseph Calbreath weighs in on the weather and fall foliage

  1. I saw some gorgeous color today in subalpine areas around Mount Adams, and colors are beginning to brighten up along the Highway 141 just below Trout Lake, Washington as well. THank you for the detailed information!

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