Don’t forget to look up

This week’s blog was supposed to be about Geocaching along the McKenzie River. We’re holding off on that post as we firm up the details. The wait will be worth it. I promise. Samara at our Eugene, Cascades & Coast Adventure Center is working hard to plan the best adventure possible, not to mention a sweet prize for everyone who completes the trek.

Back to today…

Happy Wednesday! How about this fall weather? I’m sure loving the sunshine, blue skies and crisp autumn air. Fall seems to bring out the best in our state.

Autzen Stadium isn’t the only place you’ll find a sea of yellow and green. The trees throughout downtown Eugene are slowly showing their true (fall) colors.

The fall is making my walk to work far more interesting. Check out the greens and yellows next to the red building.

It’s a good reminder to put my phone in my purse, look up and soak in the beauty because those leaves will be on the ground before we know it.

What do the leaves look like where you are? We’d love to see them. Send them my way:

Here’s how our friends at Belknap Hot Springs describe their perfect fall day:

“A perfect fall day for me would be to lay back and enjoy soaking in the hot springs at 104 degrees listening to the sounds of the McKenzie River as it tumbles along, surrounded with flowers.”

UP NEXT: We’re super excited about our first state-wide Fall Foliage update. Check back Friday for what the trees look like around Oregon.

NEXT WEEK: Geocaching (cross your fingers)!


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