Let the fall fun begin!

Ch…ch…ch… changes! The hot summer air is headed south, ushering us into the beautiful and savory season of fall.

Our Fall Foliage Blog is your place to find all things autumn. Check in weekly for adventures, events, seasonal menus and more. The Photo of the Day is back by popular demand, as are our junior leaf reporters. Invite your kids keep an eye out for changing leaves. Snap a pic and send it in. Be sure to include where you found the leaf, what kind of tree you think it’s from and any observations you have.

NEW this year, local meteorologists weigh-in on the fall foliage season. KVAL’s Al Peterson, KEZI’s Justin Stapleton & KMTR’s Joseph Calbreath will use their expert knowledge of weather patterns to teach us about how the climate impacts the colors of the leaves.

We’re also working with wildlife experts to help you find the perfect bird watching perches and fishing spots.

We asked a few of our friends what their perfect fall day looks like. Here’s our first reply:

“Our Perfect Fall Day at Driftwood Shores in Florence Oregon would be; sitting in our Ocean view Dining Room or Cocktail Lounge enjoying a warm hot buttered rum and watching for whales as they make the long trip back up north, it is so exciting when we get a glimpse of a baby whale!!!”

Megan Busalak
Sales and Catering Manager
Driftwood Shores

NEXT WEEK: KVAL Meteorologist Al Peterson explains what our mild summer means for the fall leaves and when we can expect the colors to change. Find out his favorite spots for seeing fall splendor.


2 thoughts on “Let the fall fun begin!

  1. Hi, my fiancee and I are looking for a very green (tree-wise, not energy-wise, but of course we’re not averse to the latter) place in mid-late November (3rd week) to spend our honeymoon. We are thinking OR, but neither of us have been (both from southern CA, but living in DC metro area now). I know there are several different regions in OR, but generally would somewhere in OR be a good place to go to see lots of green trees? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Jason — Congratulations! Thanks for the comment. Oregon is green year-round. We have so many varieties of trees that there’s always a hint of green on the coast, in the valleys and in the mountains. I sent you an e-mail with some more info.

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