Oregon’s Columbia Gorge Hits National News

People seem to be tired of the same old rigmarole about New England’s impressive fall foliage. Well, we have something to offer too, and the rest of the country is starting to take note. Oregon Fall Foliage has received some great press lately!

The About.com: Northwest US Travel site by Angela Brown featured the Columbia River Gorge, Fremont-Winema National Forests, and the McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass National Scenic Byway. She also included our blog as a resource for leaf peepers! Thanks, Angela!

The Columbia River Gorge seems to be the hot topic this year. It’s been featured on Today, USA Today and Forbes Traveler.

What are your favorite fall foliage drives, hikes, floats, or other activities in Oregon?


2 thoughts on “Oregon’s Columbia Gorge Hits National News

  1. Typically, what weeks of the fall are best to see fall leaf colors in the Columbia Gorge?

    Thank you for your reply.

  2. Great question, Brent. It’s very difficult to discuss specific dates, since many variables can cause a lot of big differences from year to year. I would suggest checking out last year’s post about general predictions (See “And it begins…” September 1, 2009), and following us on Twitter to get all the latest updates on fall color throughout the state.

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