And it begins…

As August ends, Oregon is showing the faintest hint of fall colors. The maples along the Willamette are slightly more yellow than green, and a few red leaves dot the forested mountain trails. The Fall Foliage Hotline is already ringing, and everyone wants to know when to visit for the best fall colors. The unpredictable nature of this beautiful science adds to the excitement as fall approaches each year. Here are our predictions based on past experience:

-In the Willamette Valley the peak color change often happens during the third week in October.

-The higher you go in the Cascade Mountains the earlier the color change. Road passes often peak 10 days to two weeks earlier than the lower elevations.

-The earliest fall color display happens in the Wallowa Mountains and northeast region of Oregon, peaking the first part of October.

While every leaf watcher dreams of getting out on the perfect day when all the leaves blaze with color and the skies are clear blue, the most rewarding leaf watching can be one vine maple half red and green, or coming around that bend in the road where a tree bursts with every color from green to red. So don’t wait, plan your trip today.

Check this site regularly for updated fall foliage information, and please share your fall adventures in the comments section!


3 thoughts on “And it begins…

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  2. Hi Maggie,

    There are a lot of options in Oregon, depending on where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. I would recommend contacting one of our Adventure Specialists (800.547.5445), or find us on Facebook or Twitter ( or @travellaneco), and we’ll help you plan your trip.

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